Call for papers for 7th Russian Heritage conference, 1 December | Приглашаем принять участие в VII международной конференции

Activists and researchers of the Russian Heritage and Russian-British relations: historians, sociologists, cultural and art experts, émigré historians who care about Russian history, culture, Russian-British cooperation and relations:

You are invited to participate in the




Date: 1STDecember 2019

Venue: Rossotrudnichestvo

First floor, 37 Kensington High Street, London W8 5ED, UK

Application Closing Date: 20thNovember 2019

The conference programme offers three ways of participation:


Presentations and conference materials are accepted in two languages:

Russian and English

All enquired please send to Dr. Julia Pliauksta

The purpose of the conference is to promote collaboration betweennative and foreign specialists in the spheres of Russian culture, history, sociology, literature, science and Art and the British contribution in the Russian culture, art and social life. The aim is to share knowledge on the experience and activities of the Russian diaspora in Britain and to learn about the Britons who made links between Russian and British societies and cultures, preserving retention of the Russian presence in Britain; expanding knowledge of Russian-British relations between fellow Russian citizens and British people.

Each presenter and contributor will be issued a Certificate of participation in the conference. At the end of the conference a collection of materials assigned with ISBN (International Standard Book Number) will be published. The collections of the materials will be sent to the leading UK and Russian libraries and distributed in the Russian scholarly communities and ogranisations.

Presentations and conference materials are accepted in two languages:

Russian and English


10:00 — 10:30 The registration of the onsite and videolink participants

10:30 — 13:00 Conference opening and talks

13:00 — 14:00 Lunch and free talks

14:00 — 16:00 Talks

16:00 — 16:15 Coffee break

16:15 – 17:45 Discussions of the talks, Q&A

17:45 – 18:00 Conclusive speech of the hosts of the event

18:00 — Conference closing


For the extramural participation in the conference, please send your scholarly paper to RUSSIAN HERITAGE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM email () prior 20th November 2019 according to the paper formatting requirements (see below) and an application for the conference (see ‘Appendix’)


At the conference some speakers, who are not able to present personally, will deliver results of their researches via web (on-line presentation via SKYPE).


The conference application (Appendix) and the text of the paper should be formatted according to the requirements and a sample below should be sent to the email of RUSSIAN HERITAGE IN THE UNITED

KINGDOM Secretary Dr. Julia Pliauksta

until 20th November 2019 inclusive.

Your participation in the conference and the publication of your article

will be accepted or rejected after the “Russian Heritage in the United Kingdom Committee” checking.


The registration of the speakers will begin promptly at 10:00. We kindly ask all speakers and contributors to contact Dr. Julia Pliauksta to confirm the participation in the conference and discuss any technical equipment requirements if needed. The closing date for any additional arrangements is 20th November 2019.


  • An electronic copy of a paper for the conference shall be sent via email ().
  • The electronic copy of the paper shall be provided in
  • Word format,
  • point size 14 «Times New Roman»,
  • 1,15 line spacing,
  • without automatic hyphenation.
  • The volume of the paper/material for the conference minimum 1000 words –maximum 4500 words (4-18 pages). The bigger papers might be published under special conditions, please contact before submitting.
  • The cited literature shall be presented at the end of the text under the title «List of references» (without a colon). The sources should be listed in alphabetical order without repetitions. First regulatory enactments shall be specified, then materials in Russian and finally

– materials in a foreign language.

  • References to the literature or notes to the text should be presented at the bottom of the page (ONLY footnotes).
  • The name of the file with the paper/ for the conference shall contain the information as follows: the author’s last name – full stop– the title of the paper for the conference.

For example:Ivanov. Explorations in chemistry.

  • At the beginning of the paper the information on the author should be specified: full name, position and workplace (full title of the organization where the author works), academic degree, country and city of residence, e-mail. Example:

Dr. Mark BROWN

PhD in History

Leeds University, Dep. of Russian History

Russian History Club Hon. President

United Kingdom, Leeds


Доктор философии в области истории Университет Лидз, Департамент Русской истории Почетный президент Русского исторического клуба

Великобритания, Лидз

The lessons of Russian History as a factor of… (point size 14,bold)

After the title of the publication the summary (2 – 3 sentences) and key words (5 – 8) should be written patterned after as follows:

The summary. In the paper the author reveals…

Key words: ; ; ; .

Уроки русской истории как фактор….


Ключевые слова: ; ; .


  • the name and surname of the author and
  • the title of the paper, summary and key words in BOTH LANGUAGES:RUSSIAN AND ENGLISH!

The article can be either in Russian or English.

PLEASE NOTE: editing committee has a right to reject the publicationof the paper if it does not follow the subject or its quality is not ranged as a scholarly paper.

SUGGESTED DONATION FOR SPEAKERS and those who intend to publish an article in Russian Heritage Collection of papers is £20 or 1500 rubles (can be paid to Metro Bank account or Sberbank).

The paying process is starting after the confirmation of your participation and accepting your paper for the publication in the collection of the materials. Bank details for the payment will be sent to you after the confirmation of your participation. The collections of the materials will be sent to your address after the conference has concluded.

RUSSIAN HERITAGE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM COMMITTEE Address: 52 Crockenhill road, Orpington, BR5 4DF United Kingdom Tel: +447909590440




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Application form in PDF